Who We Are

The CTIL Way

Our aim is to be a trusted partner, bringing insight and expertise to all aspects of infrastructure acquisition, design, build, maintenance and property management ensuring the availability of mobile communication everywhere in the UK.


We always put our customer first

Our culture revolves around customer centricity and we always aim to meet our Shareholder’s needs. We achieve this by being flexible and adaptable, building strong relationships and delivering on our promises.

We invest in our people

We create a positive team-orientated, friendly environment that invests in people. This means our colleagues are proud of what we do and choose to stay with us.


We always find a solution

When we run into problems we stay focused on the end goal and work collaboratively to find a solution. We are proactive and flexible and consistently ask "is there a better way of doing this?"

We show appreciation

We take time to acknowledge the contribution of others, saying thank you and treating everyone with respect.


We build strong partnerships

Our success depends on our ability to collaborate and build strong partnerships.  We act with integrity in our dealings with each other and our external partners.  We invest in our partnerships because we know that strong partnerships deliver strong long term sustainable results.

Excellence in all we do

Our vision is to demonstrate excellence in all that we do, bringing expertise and industry insight that adds real value for our partners, colleagues and communities. We are committed to retaining our BSI / ISO accreditations and ensure that we are vigilant in protecting the interests of those with whom we do business.

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL) was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between Vodafone and Telefónica to manage the network sites for both companies including the consolidation of sites to create a single grid. We generate efficiencies in cell site deployment and the operation of the network infrastructure.

By agreeing to consolidate their network infrastructure Vodafone and Telefónica have increased their portfolio of sites, which gives them a greater choice of locations and means they can strengthen the quality of their network coverage. As a result, the mobile industry is also focusing on operating networks as efficiently as possible, which may mean long term changes to CTIL’s cell site lease strategies.

CTIL plays a critical role in ensuring that Vodafone and Telefónica have the right sites they need to create their ultimate destination grid. When we complete the current infrastructure Programme known as the Beacon Programme we will continue to be responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure assets and sites across the UK.

With headquarters in the heart of telecoms territory just off the M4 in Theale, Berkshire we work throughout the UK with an extensive network of landlords and other selected partners, ensuring that the sites we require are available and that the infrastructure is built or upgraded to support  new mobile radio requirements. Our landlord relationships are of critical importance to us and we are committed to ensuring that we create strong commercial partnerships that provide mutual benefit. 

Our in-depth industry expertise means that we are able to acquire the right sites, at the right costs, in the right locations. Thanks to our expert knowledge, Vodafone and Telefónica are able to strengthen their coverage, capacity and network speeds across cities, towns and rural locations.

Our industry leading knowledge and the work we do with Vodafone and Telefónica and other trusted partners gives us the perfect credentials to be responsible for all elements of infrastructure from design standards, legal and planning consents to the management of the build or upgrade of individual site infrastructure. This ensures each location is ready to receive either Vodafone or Telefónica radio transmission equipment. We also manage the decommissioning of sites that are no longer required within the network, which is an important factor in driving efficiencies and managing costs.


We deliver to the highest standards


"We have thousands of sites to maintain ensuring that these assets are available to support live transmission requirements"


"Safety is of paramount importance and we are committed to delivering the highest quality standards in all that we do"


"With our commitment to standards and ISO accreditations, quality is not just something we talk about but something we commit to living in all that we do"

We are always keen to hear from both existing and prospective landlords who are interested in exploring opportunities for partnership.


Please contact New Landlord Enquiries for further information.


Our Careers

Working at CTIL

CTIL is a fast-paced and dynamic business and our colleagues work together to provide services and solutions for our customers. We have around 200 people who work with us to deliver infrastructure solutions that acquire, design, build and maintain the largest network in the UK.

In our commitment to ensuring wireless communication everywhere in the UK, we are not surprisingly continually focused on performance. We seek to attract and retain highly motivated and talented individuals at every level and in every area of our business.

We value our people and their contribution to our success.  We are committed to recognising and rewarding individual performance and offer a wide range of benefits for our colleagues.

We are also passionate about calling-out outstanding contributions and we do this through our range of Recognition Schemes: our Stellar Awards which recognise individual contribution and our One Team Awards which recognise collaborative efforts with key partners outside of our organisation.

Life at CTIL

Meet a few of our talented individuals and get an insight into what it's like to work at CTIL.

Head of Planning and Community Engagement

My role relates to town planning and community consultation activity, which is key to acquiring sites for the single grid network. Nearly all the activities we carry out have to go through the planning process, in the same way as an extension on your house does. I focus on ensuring we deliver our critical goals in line with Best Practice principles whilst meeting shareholder and industry expectations and commitments. My role is to be the voice of CTIL for input into the wider stakeholder environment, ultimately seeking to influence the government’s approach to telecoms.


What is it like to work at CTIL?
I really enjoy working for CTIL. We are very focussed on what we want to achieve and how we can go about achieving it. The CTIL Scorecard and individual objectives/deliverables are key to benchmarking how we are performing both as a company and as individuals and ensure that we all work towards a common aim.

What are the people like here at CTIL?
Good people who work hard. There are a lot of experienced people in CTIL which anyone new joining should make use of. In my experience people are focussed on delivery but always look to help you where they can.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?
Get stuck in and make a difference. Come and join us!

Head of Engineering

I'm responsible for looking after the design of the passive infrastructure with accountability for design elements such as towers, concrete, fences and cabinets. I manage the design team and together we produce design guidance and manuals to which suppliers are required to adhere, to ensure that the design requirements of the shareholders are met and deployed into the network effectively. I collaborate with the design teams at both Telefónica and Vodafone and with a range of external suppliers on a day-to-day basis.

What is it like to work at CTIL?
Every day is different and a challenge. Due to the unique ownership structure of the company, we have two very keen but competitive stakeholders which adds an interesting dimension to our objectives.

What are the people like here at CTIL?
CTIL people are very focussed and strive to achieve the very best day in, day out. CTIL covers a broad range of activities which means that the skillset within the company is extremely diverse.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?
CTIL is a great place to work if you want to be challenged and further your knowledge of the telecoms industry here in the UK.

People Generalist

My role has changed since I started at CTIL 2 years ago. I am now responsible for many of the day to day operational activities within the People team, such as management of our employee benefits, payroll processes and our HR system. I also have the opportunity to get involved with projects within the People team and across the business. My role encompasses a lot of things which can be incredibly challenging at times but that's what I enjoy most.

What is it like to work at CTIL?
CTIL has a lot to achieve in a short amount of time and this means that life here is very fast paced and challenging, but this is also what makes it a very exciting place to work.


What are the people like here at CTIL?
There are a real mix of people with different backgrounds and expertise at CTIL. The people here are really approachable and you can learn a lot from them.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?
CTIL is fast paced and constantly changing, but if you relish a challenge then this is a great place to work. The best thing to do is to get to know your colleagues and get stuck in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Acquisition Specialist

My core role is to acquire sites for the operators so they are ready and prepared for developing as part of the Beacon programme.

I manage a pool of sites in partnership with one of our suppliers. In order to achieve our monthly targets I undertake regular site progress reviews with our Acquisition Agents, Town Planners, the site designers and CTIL solicitors. My role is to advise and direct the suppliers in accordance with CTIL policies and priorities.

What is it like to work at CTIL?
It’s a varied and interesting role in Acquisition. No two days are quite the same and although at times the job is demanding that makes it challenging and rewarding when things come together

What are the people like here at CTIL?
The people here are good company to be with, all approachable and with a warmth to their characters. My colleagues are capable, knowledgeable, co-operative and enthusiastic. It’s a good mix.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?
Never be afraid of asking for advice. We’re welcoming and work as a team. I have always been comfortable and feel at home within CTIL and that’s a great testament.

Head of Legal

As Head of Legal, I manage a team of people supporting the Property and Procurement teams. We are also responsible for the document signing process, so it’s an integral function to the business! I’m not sure there is such thing as an ‘average’ day in CTIL, each one is very different and that is part of the challenge and the fun. You never really know what might happen and it’s quite easy for your day to be ambushed by something you weren’t expecting.

What is it like to work at CTIL?
In three words - it’s fast paced, pressured and challenging (in a good way). The pace of working life is something I am very used to, but nothing quite prepares you for this place. The telecoms industry doesn’t stand still and CTIL is at the very heart of something very exciting, delivering the biggest network in the UK. 

What are the people like here at CTIL?
The people you work with make work enjoyable and CTIL is no exception. There are lot of newcomers but everyone is willing to help which makes collaboration easier. There is a good, positive atmosphere in the office, a bit of a buzz!

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?
Be prepared for a challenge and a rollercoaster ride! Life is certainly not dull at CTIL. Being a joint venture set up by Telefónica and Vodafone it is unique in its own way. 

Demand & Governance Manager

I manage a team of five people ensuring that all inbound demand and change requests fit within budgets and forecasts, is in line with legal and compliance policies, and that that the relevant CTIL teams are aligned to accept and progress the projects requested. In addition to this we manage the ad-hoc Purchase Order raising, amending and receipting for the business. I am also part of the CTIL Evolve talent programme allowing me to get involved in a number of other cross functional projects collaborating with a multitude of internal and external stakeholders on a day to day basis.

What is it like to work at CTIL?

Life here is very fast paced and interesting. We work under the spotlight of our shareholders and we are in a constant state of growth and redevelopment as an organisation – change is the only consistent, which makes it very exciting!

What are the people like here at CTIL?

There is such a great buzz here, everyone is exceptionally focused and driven to achieve the business goals. CTIL is also home to some of the most talented people in the industry so there is always something new you can learn!

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at CTIL?

If you are up for a challenge and are prepared to work hard, push your own boundaries every day and have some fun - come and join us!


Opportunities at CTIL - Current Vacancies

CTIL’s ambition is to attract, develop and retain talented people who can contribute to our dynamic and innovative culture. If this sounds like the sort of environment where you can make a difference and grow your career, then please take a look at the opportunities we currently have available within our Career Portal.

Career Portal 


Our Services

  • Site Design

    Design of the physical cell site structure, including the equipment housings, power supplies, antennas and steelwork.

  • Acquisition

    Identifying appropriate location options for a cell site.


    Negotiations and contracting with the landlord.


    Management of planning applications.

  • Construction

    Building the passive infrastructure and foundations.


    Erecting steelwork or towers to allow the deployment of the operators' cellular radio equipment.

  • Maintenance

    Carrying out routine visits to inspect, maintain and repair the cell site supporting infrastructure.


    Responding to unplanned events, such as storm damage.

  • Renewal and Upgrades

    Plan and execute changes to the infrastructure as networks develop and change.

Our Infrastructure

Providing a Passive Infrastructure

CTIL provides the passive network infrastructure (enclosures, steelwork, poles, etc.) that  enables the telecoms operators to deploy their networks here in the UK.

Radio signals connect mobile devices and phones to the operators' networks via cell sites enabling people to send and receive calls, texts, emails and pictures across the web, watch TV and access data downloads.

Each network operators cell site covers a certain geographic area and can only handle a limited number of calls or data sessions at once. As mobile phones and devices become more important in our daily lives, more cell sites are needed to ensure continuous coverage and operation.

We provide a range of structures to suit the local environment. Typically these are greenfield, rooftop and street pole structures.

Street Pole Solutions

Street pole solutions are a unique tool in the CTIL infrastructure portfolio. Often located in urban and highway locations, they enable the network operators to provide capacity and coverage where rooftop and greenfield sites are not available.

Street pole solutions support a range of mobile technologies, including 4G.

Rooftop Sites

Our rooftop locations support the major towns and cities. They enable the network operators to provide capacity and coverage for mobile services in high density urban locations.

Greenfield Sites

Our greenfield sites support a wide range of technologies, enabling the network operators to provide coverage to rural areas of the country.

They are also used by microwave services to provide a method of point to point communication.

  • Providing a Passive Infrastructure
  • Street Pole Solutions
  • Rooftop Sites
  • Greenfield Sites


Our Design team plays a key part in the development of products deployed on our sites. The team works with a number of manufacturers in the UK to develop bespoke solutions to support the telecoms industry.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our senior leadership team ...

Rhys Phillip

Rhys joined CTIL as CEO in March 2018, responsible for the Leadership, Operations and Strategic direction of the business and delivering value for the Shareholders.  Previously, Rhys served on the Executive Committee of IHS Towers as Group Chief Commercial Officer.  Rhys has over 24 years of experience in the Telecommunications sector in Senior Executive roles with BT and Vodafone and as Senior Partner with Ernst & Young LLP in its Global Transactions business.  Rhys is an ACA and a graduate of Cambridge University

Ginette Kilroy
People Director

Ginette Kilroy joined CTIL in October 2016. She brings a strong generalist background and specific expertise in leading change and people development to CTIL. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development , a graduate from Brunel University, has an MA in Human Resource Management from Buckingham Chilterns University and is an accredited test user in occupational personality and ability assessments

Ginette previously worked in a number of Human resource roles in organisations across a range of sectors including Optical Retail, Water Industry, Card Processing, and Banking. 

Peter Ward
Finance Director

Peter has worked in the telecoms finance field for many years. His role as Finance Director is to ensure that CTIL hits the operational and financial targets set by Vodafone and Telefónica. He is also responsible for the Procurement and Commercial teams, overall financial control environment of the business and relations with the tax authorities and external auditors.

After Tesco Mobile and Maxis Communications in Malaysia, CTIL is the third joint venture for whom Peter has worked. He has worked for Vodafone and Telefónica previously and has held group and operational finance roles in large corporates and stand-alone start-up business including BT, BP, Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile.

He is a Chartered Accountant and graduate of Oxford University.

connect with Peter Ward
Belinda Fawcett
General Counsel

Belinda joined CTIL in January 2015 as General Counsel and Company Secretary with responsibility for all aspects of Legal and Property/Estates. Her role also encompasses governance and compliance issues, Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) and media enquiries.

Belinda started her career as a property lawyer in private practice before moving into the retail industry and working for Dixons, where she was instrumental in the retail rollout of their new format superstores in the UK and Eastern Europe. Belinda subsequently moved into telecoms, working for 3 UK before moving to MBNL (a joint venture between EE and 3) to set up the internal legal team to underpin and provide the necessary governance and compliance support to the business.


connect with Belinda Fawcett
Paul McCullagh
Programme Director

Paul Programme Director for London and is responsible for the London PMO and Acquisition Team enabling the delivery of 2G, 3G and 4G services for Telefónica and Vodafone. Paul was involved in CTIL from its inception, having spent 15 years in UK Telecoms with Telefonica managing National Acquisition and Estates programmes together with extensive Supplier Management experience; after a short break, Paul returned to CTIL in April 2016. Paul is a Chartered Surveyor and Member of the Chartered Managers Institute.

Safety and Community

We are ISO certified

During 2014 CTIL became certified to five international standards, illustrating to our shareholders, staff and partners that we strive for and achieve Excellence.

CTIL is accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for:

•  ISO 9001:2015 Quality
•  ISO 14001:2015 Environment
•  OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety
•  ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity
•  ISO 27001:2013 Information Security

What this means for CTIL

The benefits of holding accreditations in the five areas are recognised as:


  • Driving excellence and performance
  • Providing risk control and information protection
  • Providing a standardised approach
  • Complying with all legal and other requirements
  • Ensuring continued improvement

View our certificates

Our ISO certificates are available to view by clicking the links below. 


Health and Safety Certificate

Business Continuity Certificate

Environmental Certificate

Quality Certificate

Information Security Certificate





Best Practice

We have received recognition from the BSI for the following areas of best practice:


•  High standards of operational control

•  High quality management information

•  Robust verification and approval process

•  Well defined Business Continuity plans

•  Detailed monthly supplier evaluations

Building a Network

We provide the infrastructure i.e. poles and towers, that allows Vodafone and Telefonica to locate their antennas and associated cellular radio equipment. Each antenna provides coverage to an area.  This is often referred to as a cell and each cell overlaps with its neighbouring cells to create a continuous network. The size and shape of each cell is determined by the features of the surrounding area such as buildings, trees and hills which can block signals and the frequency of the radio signal. 

Building a Network

When people travel between cells the signal from their mobile device is transferred between cell sites without a break in service. Cell sites are connected to each other and telephone exchanges by cables or wireless technology, such as microwave dishes, hence creating a network.


Health and Safety

While scientific evidence supporting the safety of mobile phone technologies is robust, public concern can grow in response to media and internet reports on isolated pieces of research. We take the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, stakeholders and the public extremely seriously. Various regulations and guidelines apply to the operation of radio cell sites, including those that serve to protect health and safety.     

Health and Safety

CTIL is committed to stakeholder engagement and follows the process laid out in the Code of Best Practice for Mobile Network Development when acquiring cell sites. Aside from cell sites, many other everyday items use radio signals to send and receive information, such as television and radio broadcasting equipment and two-way radio communications.  

Health and Safety

All Vodafone and Telefónica installations are designed to comply with the precautionary International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) exposure guidelines as adopted in a European Union recommendation. The UK Government and Public Health England support this view. Below these guideline levels there is no convincing evidence of adverse health effects.

Health and Safety

The Electromagnetic Fields Directive was adopted by the European Union in June 2013 and will be transposed into UK law by 1 July 2016 as The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016. This legislation will, for the first time, legally formalise occupational limits of exposure to non-ionizing radiation. The regulations make it essential that the operators are contacted if personnel need to work in close proximity to the antennas and that personnel obey site signage at all times.


If further information on radio cell sites is required, please address them to:


EMF Enquiries

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited, The Exchange, Building 1330, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Berkshire, RG7 4SA

Tel: 01753 564306

Email: EMF Enquiries

Our Landlords

CTIL works with over 12,000 individual landlords and most major property portfolio organisations, including Central Government, Local Authorities, utilities and infrastructure providers.

The Government’s intention is that the updated Electronic Communications Code (ECC) will help drive the growth of the UK’s digital economy. Recently the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) issued the following statement following a series of roundtable discussions with Government and industry bodies including CTIL, to address concerns around the new ECC. The statement reaffirms the joint commitment to the ECC and the Ofcom Code of Practice. CTIL are proud to be part of this discussion, and as a leader in delivering sites for the future of UK mobile connectivity actively endorse, and support the statement. A recent landmark ruling on the Code will now hopefully increase consensual agreements on access terms.

We have engaged Cluttons to administer all of our cell site agreements and operate our Estates Service Desk on our behalf. You may have already received correspondence from Cluttons on our behalf and Cluttons will be your first point of contact for any agreement or payment queries. Whenever you contact us, please ensure you always quote your unique CTIL Cell Site reference (which is also known as your ‘CS reference’).

Estates Service Desk Contacts:

New CTIL Landlord Pledge contact number 0800 084 3454

Email:Estate Administration or Email:Estate Payment Enquiries

Find Landlord Documents Here

Post: CTIL Estates, C/O Cluttons LLP, 2nd Floor, Atlantic House, Imperial Way, Reading, Berks RG2 0TD

Office hours:

Telephone: 0800 084 3454


Out of office hours:


Telephone: 01329 33 2884


01329 33 2886

Email:CTIL Helpdesk

Report Site Issue Here 


The sites perimeter signage contains details to help identify the specific site. Please quote the cell site reference ID.



Do you own a rooftop or a piece of land that you’d be interested in letting to CTIL?


If you are a Landlord and are contemplating selling your mast site, or are approached by a third party to sell, we would be delighted to talk to you. In either case please email.


Email: New Landlord Enquiries

Our Partnerships

Exceeding Expectations

Key to the success of CTIL is the development of strong partnerships with strategic suppliers.

As a company we look for suppliers who are able to work within established service levels, provide quality deliverables and assist us in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, suppliers must share CTIL’s values and understand the importance of conducting business with honesty and integrity.


Purchase of services and products

CTIL purchases a broad range of services and products,

  • Real estate and town and country planning professional
  • Legal services
  • Design and construction services for existing and new assets
  • Maintenance and repair services for our asset base
  • IT software and managed services


Our Standards

To ensure a strong supply chain, CTIL has established baseline standards that must be met by our suppliers. Those working on CTIL sites must be audited and meet a set of safety standards before performing any site-related work.

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